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86. Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney

me on the mapRetell: The narrator of this story imagines herself on various maps, both homemade and store-bought.  The maps range from small scale (her bedroom) to large scale (the world).

Topics: geography, maps, globes, location

Habits of Mind: creating-imagining-innovating

My Thoughts: Every other Thursday someone covers my class while I co-plan with another teacher.  On that day, it’s very difficult for me to tuck in a read aloud without cutting another subject.  To solve this problem I plan to do a Social Studies read aloud connected to our current unit of study.  We’re currently in a Map and Geography unit.  By the end of the unit we expect students to be able to find themselves on any kind of map.  I thought I would never find a decent read aloud to support this study.  I was wrong.  Me on the Map is a cute introduction to map reading.  It’s simple, but it shows reminds students that maps tell the reader where they are.  If you have access to a projector (or a computer lab) I highly recommend pairing this read aloud with an exploration of Google Earth.

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